This Blogger (And Her Blogging) Have Moved

I must confess, I am not longer dwelling in the suburbs. While I am from the suburbs and remain interested and determined to work on making suburbs more sustainable, especially from an urban planning and transportation point of view, I have moved from Pointe-Claire to St-Henri in Montréal’s Sud-Ouest arrondissement.

Near the Canal Lachine, Sud-Ouest of Montréal

I have also started to blog for Global Site Plan’s The Grid. 

I will be posting about urban planning, transportation and urban design in Montréal every two weeks, so keep on reading.

Here is my first post about winter cycling in Montréal. It was picked up and written about on (which is kind of exciting!).

I will keep writing on this blog about suburban transportation and planning issues, while I continue to live a less suburban lifestyle.


One thought on “This Blogger (And Her Blogging) Have Moved

  1. Andrew

    Well keep in mind that there are different types of suburbs, at one time St.Henry was its own town out side of the city of Montreal.


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