The Pointe-Claire Village: the once walkable village

The Pointe-Claire village is my favourite part of Pointe-Claire and the West Island. I spent a lot of time there growing up, at the once library Stewart Hall cultural center, walking along the Lakeshore with family and friends and watching Canada Day fireworks over Lac St-Louis.

The Pointe-Claire village is a popular pit stop for cyclists who pass through going West to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and off island and East towards downtown. It has cafés, bakeries, restaurants and small boutiques. It is really a piece of the Plateau of Montreal in the West Island, just with a much older, wealthier demographic, limited to one main street and much quieter evenings than in the Plateau. And, of course, transit is much less frequent (the two-oh-once-in-awhile passes though the village).

There are cute cafés, nice restaurants, and over-priced “vintage” clothing stores. There is a yoga studio, a used book store and a Dix-Mille Villages. There are two bicycle shops, three bars (including a Ye Ol’ Ochard) and a Bilboquet. And a post office — but not for much longer.

The Pointe-Claire village used to be quite self-sustaining, a true village. There was a grocery store, but it recently closed. There was a bank, but it also closed. And presently the government is to close the post office. These are essential amenities for a community, to which residents were able to walk or bike, for many years. Considering the aging population in the village, amenities within walking distance are essential to ensuring the continued mobility and independence of aging residents.

The village still has cafés, restaurants, boutiques and a dépanneur, but the absence of essential services such as a bank, a grocery store and a post office is the beginning of taking away the vital organs of a thriving village body.


One thought on “The Pointe-Claire Village: the once walkable village

  1. Andrew

    Though the West Island wasn’t always the West Island, the older parts along the water gave the area the name “Lake Shore”.

    On a related note, Lake Shore Road was once a private toll road, have you ever seen the mile stone at the corner of Pine Beach and Lake Shore in Dorval?


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